Cause HYPE!

Celebrating the Mother.

As Hindu’s, we celebrate the month of Aadi, dedicated to the Mother in the form of Mariamman. We worship the Supreme female and yet the ladies who walk in our midst are far from idolized. So here’s something from me, a millennial female. Who loves tradition and is blessed to connect with human beings who share similar sentiments.

1. How many YOUNG GIRLS/ WOMEN/ AUNTIES sit on the committee for temples, spiritual and religious organizations? If it’s more than 50% in your organization, AMAZING ✨

2. Stop slut-shaming, bashing dress code etc. She doesn’t have to be pretty, wear the best clothes & bat her eyelids to close a business deal. Take her skills and excellence for what they are. “Thing is this”, you’ve got a Facebook account, you are smart enough to know what I mean. 👌🏾

3. A women (and also men, I will acknowledge) are described by their weight, height and skin tone. If the Divine Goddess is represented in so many variations, why can’t we be? 4. If you know she’s being abused/ manipulated , don’t tell her she’s lucky she got someone and must just keep quiet, HELP HER SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP. There is no blanket way to change society, but, men, CALL YOURSELVES OUT BROTHERS.5. Support your sisters, cousins and friends to keep learning. To complete their matric. To get their learners and drivers license. To travel (when borders are open). To do online courses. To start their startups. To get skills and financial freedom. (However it’s possible). There are millions of ways you can be a change, professionals writing thesis’s & organizations doing work towards women’s empowerment. But, it starts from YOUR HOME.

Uncles, Cousins, Friends. We urge you to break coconut at the prayers but also, break down all barriers set up against women. The Divine Feminine resides in every one of us. If you’ve read this far, amazing 😉. Aum Shakti, Parashakti. ❤️✨

Ps, my sari is right hand side 😂 repping the Andhra’s.