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Be Light, this Deepavali

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  1. Namaskaram, Vanakkam, Namaste and heartfelt greetings! As we approach the most celebrated festival on the Hindu calendar, Deepavali/Diwali, let’s remember our human light around this time too. As young people, exposed to so many religions and customs around the world, we have to take what we are practicing and use that to break barriers and uplift humanity. I’ve curated a short, easy list, with a few best practices we can put into practice this Deepavali. Wherever in the world you are, even just two or three, you will uplift you and your community.

    1. Your parents! If there is anything the story of Shri Raam taught is, was that respect for our parents is the utmost value a child can have. It may not always be the best relationship with your folks. But, if your relations are strained, this Deepavali, TRY.
    2. Donate to any hamper drives. Many non-profits are collecting toward outreach projects. Be a light of hope to families who need you the most. Even just a bag of rice or oil, your seva will be the reason someone believes in themselves again.
    3. Donate your old clothes/books/ items etc to shelters, non-profits or second-hand shops. The title of this blog is “be light”. Truly, let go of at least 20 items you are not using and give them away. You know the causes you feel most affiliated to , do share it with them.
    4. FIRECRACKERS. I wish Deepavali was just clay lamps and sparkles. But, sadly, we don’t live in a fairytale world. Those loud thunders, FOR WHAT? FOR WHO? SPARE A THOUGHT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. PLEASE.
    5. Business owners- share the same sweet with ALL your staff. From your cleaning staff to your head sales team. If you are buying for your staff upstairs, please remember to share downstairs too. Every piece of your puzzle contributes to your company. Let there be love for all, this Deepavali.
    6. Gift naturally. Deepavali is about sharing sweetmeats. How about this year, gift seeds, gift a plant, gift flowers. Gift something that will be kinder to the planet.
    7. Remember your local animal shelters. Unfortunately, our best fur friends demise this time of the year. Take the money saved from the thunders/bangs and donate food and blankets to your nearest shelter. It’s really so simple.
    8. Be present. Genuinely care for your family/friends and support them in their all endeavors (example of Lakshman following Raam to the forest), even if it may seem unrealistic.
    9. Cleanup initiatives- if there are any community organized cleanups from the mess, do spare some time and participate. Unfortunately, this event produces so much waste, but, you can be the reason it’s a little cleaner after the festivities.
    10. Pomp and glam. As you show off your new clothes, new shoes, bangles and hairstyles, do show off your smile and your kindness. Show us the values you have. Show us the compassion and gratitude. Even if it’s slightly dim, show us the light of joy that exists within you.

    However you choose to celebrate this occasion, do remember that each one of you is a spark and you illuminate the world. May you, your family and loved ones be eternally blessed, this Deepavali.

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