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Telling my story.

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 I constantly get asked/ told: 💥 Why do you care about being Telugu so much? 💥 You’re one way on social media hey. We see your posts all over. This is what I wish I told them: ✨ Both my parents come from that background. Their families partook very well, within their own spheres. I have no idea why it all fell on my head, but, it did…. and I’m grateful🤣. Looks like my purpose here was to propagate culture. And encourage people that it’s okay to like whatever they like too… and whatever critiques come their way, just take it. ✨Hi, I run a media company, Impact 17. Every 👌🏾single 👌🏾one👌🏾 of 👌🏾our👌🏾 words👌🏾, holds power. By me speaking authentically on: culture, travels , entrepreneurship (even my lame jokes etc), I’ve directly/indirectly inspired others to share their stories(see quote). That inspiration quotes you share on FB/ Insta / WhatsApp, they bring comfort and strength, that’s … impact 😊 An entrepreneur starting a new business OR a lady sharing her story of failure & success, that’s …. impact😊I also know that I may have 100 likes on a post but I’m sure there are also things said behind my back. That’s okay, I’ve consciously put myself out there & I’ve embarked on a journey, sharing what’s valuable to me. People will talk, whether we post on Facebook or don’t post anything at all. People will talk, regardless. That’s life, that’s the journey.If you’re reading this, I wish you courage and strength to say whatever your heart tells you to … online or offline. It’s up to you❤️🤍. 


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